Scrawlers has a group on LibraryThing.

If you stumbled upon LibraryThing on your own or through my blog post a few months back, I encourage you to sign up and give it a try. While you’re at it, sign up with the Scrawlers LibraryThing group. Knowing your audience is key, and signing up for this group may help you understand your fellow Scrawlers writers better by knowing what they like to read. We’re always interested in branching out the Scrawlers community, and this is one way we hope to do so while creating a little synergy with a website we dig. Let us know if you have other ideas like this.


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1 thought on “Scrawlers has a group on LibraryThing.”

  1. My thinking: anybody who loves “The Big Lebowski” can’t be all bad. ~~~ Saw your note on LT. Am busy now but perhaps will try to be part of your adventures too. [website has some pix/more on Flickr: lots of my comments and, of course my profile, on LT as Esta1923] e


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