Scrawlers welcomes RSS

If you’ve visited [Scrawlers]( recently, you may have noticed some little symbols next to story and author names.

RSS symbol

These symbols represent RSS feeds, a convenient way to be notified of Scrawlers updates. You can copy the RSS links into a feed reader such as [Google Reader]( or [Bloglines]( It’s really convenient to follow things like blogs and other dynamic content through feed readers.

What types of feeds are available at Scrawlers? First, we have author feeds. These feeds notify you of any new story written by your favorite author. You can find a link to author feeds next to the author name throughout the site.

We also have added story feeds. If a particular story involves a lot conversation, you may wish to be notified of new notes on this story so you can keep up with the conversation. Links to story feeds are next to the story title.

Story and author subscriptions

Author feeds can also be found on an author’s bookshelf page, next to the header for the author’s Scrawlings.

Author subscriptions

As an author at Scrawlers, you may wish to be notified of the latest notes given on your stories. You may also wish to be notified of any responses given to your notes. When logged in, click “My Profile” in the upper-right corner of the screen. Two feeds are provided on your profile page, one containing recent notes on your stories and another containing recent responses to your notes.

Notes and Responses subscriptions.

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  1. Scrawler is a great idea on how to help students ‘show’ not ‘tell’ a short story. Great examples. The next step is to see how this can be used effectively without it looking like another blog.



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