So where have I been?…

I’ve been a lot of places since posts on this blog dried up.

The last month has seen me wrap up the MFA program, walk at graduation, finish up one job, get promoted at another, finish a plethora of wedding details, wrap up the big end-of-the-year stuff at my jobs, and of course, a full week of being in bed sick as a dog. “Sick as a dog” feels a little cliche, so let’s go with sick as a sea lion after a shark attack. Actually, that’s a little morbid. How about, sick as a squid. Not that they get sick, but I think squids are awesome.

In a nutshell, dear reader, life caught up with me.

Over the next week, I plan to retro-actively toss up blog posts for missed moments like Your Monday Prompts and Your Friday Recommendations, plus other bits of reflection here and there (particularly about graduation, wrapping up workshop, and a few surprises, t00, like the announcement of my promotion at work). Look for a post that details all of the new posts soon, as well as future entries, of course.

Thanks for your patience, reading, and subcription.


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