Caught My Eye #2

Caught My Eye
Here are five items that caught my eye this week. What caught yours?
1. David Seah made a trading card out of his sketch. I’ve subscribed to David Seah’s blog for years for a few years now and appreciate his take on creativity and entrepreneurship. Take a look at his categories list and you’ll see he is truly a mosaic when it comes to writing about his various interests and passions.
This week, he took an old sketch of a spaceship he drew when he was a young man and turned it into a trading card.

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How Companies Should Respond to Potential Customers.

I love Ghotsbusters. So much so, I even liked it on Facebook. You may have wondered, like me, exactly who is in charge of the posts from products, movies, etc. that we “like” on Facebook. Certainly, some are run by the product companies and film studios but sometimes it seems like a handful of fans. … Read more