Ever bought a CD at Amazon? It's in Your Cloud Now, and For Free.

2013.01.10 Ever Bought a CD at Amazon It's in Your Cloud Now
Now this is cool.
Today Amazon announced AutoRip, a new, although inevitable, feature of their Cloud. Whenever you buy a CD it’s content is now automatically ripped to your Amazon Cloud Player. For free. Oh, and it’s not CDs you buy at Amazon as of today. It’s any CD you’ve bought at Amazon since¬†1999.¬†Fifteen years’ worth of music purchases, now all automatically in your cloud for free. No more spending time putting the CD into the computer, labeling tracks, hoping the rip goes through okay, loading the songs onto your portable device, etc. No more of that, ever. Amazon has just paid your opportunity cost in exchange for your purchase; it’s like opportunity “cash back.”
Music and movies have taken opposite purchasing paths. With movies, physical media is still the big seller and digital copies of the film for download or streaming are

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