Help Me Eat More Plants, Less Meat.

2013.01.14 Help Me Eat More Plants, Less Meat
I’m interested in trying something new in 2013 – I want to intentionally eat more plants and less meat. Can you help me? Calling all connectors, mavens, and salespersons: I’m all ears.
I’ve been thinking a lot about attempting a change in diet for several reasons such as better health, eco-justice, and my emerging creation conservation theology. I hope to write about all three of those here at The Life Mosaic but for now here’s what I’m looking for from readers like you:
1. Connectors – What am I doing? What short books, inexpensive audiobooks of any length, or documentaries on the topic do you recommend?
2. Mavens – How do I do this? What’s involved in making the switch in a healthy, practical, realistic way? How did/do you do it?
3. Salespersons – Why do it? What’s your story? How did you come to a change in diet and why and what can I learn from your experience?
The above three terms are the three types of people who Malcolm Gladwell say drive ideas in his book The Tipping Point. In short, Gladwell writes:

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