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Caught My Eye #2

Caught My Eye #2

Here are five items that caught my eye this week. What caught yours? 1. David Seah made a trading card out of his sketch. I’ve subscribed to David Seah’s blog for years for a few years now and appreciate his take on creativity and entrepreneurship. Take a look at his categories list and you’ll see … Continue reading

Michele Norris wrote a new memoir

The only thing I want more than to read Michele Norris’s new book, The Grace of Silence, is a few hours freedom to actually sit and read it. Norris relates stories of her own family’s experience to the overall backdrop of race relations in the United States, both then and now. Specifically, Norris examines how … Continue reading

Noticing NPR background music

Is it strange for one to listen to Marketplace on National Public Radio and grin to oneself or even outright laugh when, during their “Do the Numbers” segment on the US stock market index final standings for the day, they play “We’re in the Money” in the background when stocks are up, “It Don’t Mean … Continue reading

Richard Monette: Guts + Heart = Artist

I’d never heard of Richard Monette before last night’s CBC Radio program As It Happens detailed his passing away on Tuesday evening. But like hearing about the life of any great person, especially after their death, I wish I’d known of him sooner. He was a Canadian actor and director and served as the artistic … Continue reading

Storyteller: Kevin Kling.

I’m a big fan on Minnesota Public Radio. It’s been a boon during my days commuting back and forth from Mankato for grad school (when I’m not in the middle of a good audiobook, that is), as well as quick trips across town. In particular, I’m a fan of spending my evenings with The Story … Continue reading