"Caught My Eye" Begins Tomorrow.

Caught My Eye
Tomorrow sees the start of “Caught My Eye.” Right now, the intention is for the feature to be three things:

  • A weekly feature at The Life Mosaic.
  • Five items I experienced over the week and want to share.
  • A space to offer your thoughts and share your own items.

This may fluctuate in the future but for now, anticipate the above recipe.
Social media has been an excellent way to share new ideas, innovative designs, moving art and writing, and fun stuff that’s just plain awesome. Friends are great about posting links to interesting articles and blog posts or the latest funny video of the week and these can become a nice addition to one’s facebook | twitter | rss feed. For me, I often find myself bookmarking the things passed along to me which catch my attention the most, make me think or feel the most. I’ve decided to make The Life Mosaic a new way to bookmark these items as well as pass them along to readers who might be interested, too.
Each week, likely on Thursdays, I’ll put up a post with (at least) five items which caught my eye. They may be

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