Your Friday Recommendation #12

This is my first film recommendation to you, dear reader, but my copy arrived in the mail on Thursday and the Criterion Collection three-disc reissue of Seven Samurai by writer/director Akira Kurosawa is fresh in my mind. and still spinning in my DVD player. A poor farming village will be pillaged by bandits when their … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #11

On Tuesday, Scrawlers sent an email to its users announcing its first contest, The War of Art Contest. One lucky writer will win a copy of today’s recommendation, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield contends that everyone is creative, particularly in creating a subconscious (and likely conscious) level of resistance to their ability … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #9

I’m a fan of great books at great prices, and if you’ve been in a B&M (“Brick & Mortar,” or physical store as-opposed to online store) Barnes & Noble lately, you’ve probably seen a stack of America (The Book) by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for under $10 a copy – a real steal. … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #8

Today’s recommendation is to take a look at how you get news online and decide if you can streamline it any more than the system you currently use. I used to check every morning for the news. Sometimes, I would listen to a streaming audio presentation from Minnesota Public Radio. That was the extent … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #4.

Every American should read at least one Kurt Vonnegut novel. Some of them are best-read when one is a teenager, in order to catch the reader at the right time in their lives. One I didn’t discover until last year, but which could especially appeal to teenagers is the exquisite satire, Cat’s Cradle. Talk about … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #1

The first recommendation I have for you is the first story which made me sit up and take notice of good writing in a genre where I rarely took notice of the actual writing. I was a big superhero-based comic book fan for my middle school years, my favorite issues populated by gritty guys and … Read more