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Anticipating Culture Differences

The trip to El Salvador is bound to be full of surprises, particularly to someone like me who hasn’t been out of the country before (aside from a weekend in Toronto five years ago). We’re doing our best to prepare ourselves physically and psychologically for what we’ll experience, from reading books to watching brief documentaries … Continue reading

How to fail at reading

The number one way to fail at reading is to fall out of practice. That’s the number one way to fail at anything, by the way. Ever give up on a sport? A diet? A relationship? Knitting? Writing? Blogging? Not everything is like riding a bike. Sometimes one can lose many of the skills they … Continue reading

“F” Reading

Yesterday I wrote about reading a young friend’s Facebook profile and discovering their immense hatred of reading. Today I press forward to take a look at some more Facebook-based reading hate. The thing about Facebook is most everything one types into their profile becomes a link to search for other people with similar interests, and … Continue reading

Teaching reading vs. teaching sex

I have met a lot of teenagers who don’t like reading, some of them outright hating it. They were forced to read a novel they considered boring or had too much reading homework for comfort or just didn’t understand the significance of Oedipus no matter how much their English teacher tried to explain, and so … Continue reading