Reconciliation Is the Long Game.

2013.02.12 Reconciliation Is the Long Game
LCMS President Harrison issued an apology for the way he asked Pastor Morris to apologize. You can read my thoughts on the initial apology from last week.
At this point, I’m waiting for someone to apologize and explain those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked.
There are three new letters, one from District President Yeadon, one from President Harrison, and one “Statement of Reconciliation” from Yeadon, Harrison, and Pastor Rob Morris. You can read all three letters in their full context at There are some interesting pieces to President Harrison’s letter I’ve been thinking about:

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Sorry, God, That's Not Our Policy.

2013.02.07 Sorry God That's Not Our Policy
This morning I read a news story explaining that the pastor from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in Newton, CT had to issue an apology to the LCMS president for participating in a prayer vigil two days after the murder of innocent adults and children because leaders of other faith traditions also participated.
Here’s a highlight from Pastor Rob’s apology letter (read the entire letter for context here):

To those who believe that I have endorsed false teaching, I assure you that was not my intent, and I give you my unreserved apologies. If any of you know church members or friends or family who are now confused because of my participation, believing that the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod fully endorses the doctrine of anyone else who was on that stage, please correct this confusion lovingly, and I will personally be happy to help in any way that I can. Feel free to pass on my apologies for having given that impression.

Here’s an excerpt from LCMS President Harrison’s open letter response (read the entire letter for context here):

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