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Hypothetical Fatherhood has migrated to The Life Mosaic.

Hypothetical Fatherhood has migrated to The Life Mosaic.

I’ve migrated my blog posts and twitter feed for my 2011 side project, Hypothetical Fatherhood, to here at┬áThe Life Mosaic. In the months leading up to becoming a father in 2011, I created┬áHypothetical Fatherhood to explore and share some of the creative-yet-inappropriate ideas running through my head as I prepared for this new role in … Continue reading

That’s Almost My Birthday!

That’s Almost My Birthday!

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I frequently found myself engaged in a conversation that went something like this: THEM: So when’s the due date? ME: September . THEM: Wow! That’s only four days from MY birthday! ME: Oh, neat. I know most of the persons who did this didn’t mean to … Continue reading

Pre-Trip Reading: Witnesses to the Kingdom

Students going to El Salvador have been assigned a handful of books to read before the trip and after the trip, each requiring a brief written reaction piece. Here’s one of mine: Witnesses to the Kingdom: Martyrs of El Salvador and the Crucified Peoples by Jon Sobrino A figurehead of liberation theology, Jon Sobrino is … Continue reading

Your Friday Recommendation #36

Some of the teenagers in my youth group have been coming together for a year to perform in short videos that satirize The Office. Rather than an annoying boss who disrupts an office setting, our videos feature an annoying youth director who disrupts his youth group. Writing the script is always an exercise in excruciating … Continue reading

Is this wrong? A moral politics poll

As one who wrote editorial cartoons for nearly six years, I wonder if the writers of Real Time with Bill Maher, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SNL, and other politically-charged satirical shows are also pondering this (near-) rhetorical question which has been in the back of my mind of recent: If you’re both a … Continue reading

Your Friday Recommendation #9

I’m a fan of great books at great prices, and if you’ve been in a B&M (“Brick & Mortar,” or physical store as-opposed to online store) Barnes & Noble lately, you’ve probably seen a stack of America (The Book) by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for under $10 a copy – a real steal. … Continue reading