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2014 Christmas Short Stories

2014 Christmas Short Stories

I created fifteen original (slightly inappropriate) 100-word short stories based on Christmas greeting cards and I’m sharing one per day between today and January 6. For this creative exercise, I chose to embrace three constraints: 1.Stories had to be based on the greeting card. Both should be able to stand on their own while also … Continue reading

Scrawlers.com gets a facelift.

Barry and I spent the winter of 2005 writing little short stories of 100 words or less and sending them to each other for notes. We had become enamored of the idea of embracing constraints as a challenge rather than a limitation and more importantly, it was fun. While that project faded away after a … Continue reading

Absence here, presence there

I took an unannounced and approximately three-week break from this blog to focus on a few issues, projects, and priorities but I’m back and excited for a few entries coming up this month to wrap up the year. The following are in the pipe: Wrapping up last month’s NaNoWriMo. Wrapping up my first semester teaching … Continue reading