LYFE Camp 2014 Day 1 | The Campers Are Here!

What can I say but our first day went off without a hitch!
Counselors worked hard all morning preparing for campers’ arrival. We did some teambuilding exercises, boundary and safety training, and got all the worship, cabin, and group gathering places ready to go. Turned out a few buses and a handful of families arrived early this year so our counselors kept working on our projects while campers unloaded items from the bus but timing-wise there wasn’t too much hassle. Just make sure y’all are on time for pick up on Saturday!
Campers looked to some big posters in the registration office hallway to see which cabin they’re in for the week. Then, counselors helped them get their gear stowed away and took them to different pockets of people to get introductions underway. Remember: we’re merging two weeks plus 1/3 of the camp is brand-new this year. From my perspective, it appears people are really taking to saying “hello” and asking for each other’s names. In short, they’re practicing Christian hospitality and this is exactly the sort of practice that will come in quite handy tomorrow night…
Sunday night dinner is one of the my favorite moments of LYFE Camp. The counselors

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