Your Monday Prompt #23

Write a story in which characters meet for the first time. The occasion for their meeting is up to you, as well as how they interact, but make it clear it’s the first time they are truly interacting. You might try a third-person omniscient narrator so you can get the inner-perspectives of every character in … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #22

Write a story in which two characters who don’t get along have to work together to come up with a mutually-acceptable solution. Use a third-person omniscient narrator to tell the tale in order to show both characters’ perspectives as the story progresses; this will allow you to depict both action and each character’s reflection on … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #21

Write about a character who’s desperate to find something lost or misplaced. Perhaps it’s something physical, like a long-lost CD running over and over in their head and they can’t find it. Maybe it’s something metaphysical, like a solid relationship with a parent. Explore your character’s feelings as the stakes of their search heightens throughout … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #19

Write about either the most sinister character in the most innocent setting or the most innocent character in the most sinister setting. Perhaps a serial killer lives in suburbia across the street from a playground. Maybe a bright-eyed, job-seeking college graduate finds themselves in the red light district. Whatever the mix, make it clear why … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #16

Minimal directions today… Write and don’t stop for fifteen minutes. Set a timer, create an alarm, whatever. Don’t look at a clock and don’t hesitate – just write anything for fifteen minutes solid. See where it takes you. Even if it doesn’t make sense, don’t w0rry about it, just keep going no matter what. -nm

Discovering writing websites: Three-Word Wednesday.

Earlier this week, writer and blogger Barbara Torris commented on a recent Monday Prompt, which led me to her blog to check out her resulting story (a fun tale about a girl strapping on her roller skates, all complete with a great photo, I might add!). While scanning Barbara’s blog, I found she’s a regular … Read more