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Your Monday Prompt #48

Write a story about a character who is amazing at reaching out to help people in need. Consider how much this sort of work calls them to do good things on behalf of those who are less fortunate. Let the emotion they feel in this (the specific sort of work they do is up to … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #45

For the forty-fifth Monday Recommendation, write a story revolving around something to do with the number forty-five. Maybe it’s someone’s forty-fifth birthday. Perhaps there’s a murder with a .45 handgun. Possibly it’s someone’s marathon number. See if you can let the number forty-five feed the theme of the story somehow. Careful, though – don’t let … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #44

(For non-regular readers, I present an original writing prompt every Monday. Here’s one for this week.) Write a story about a character who uses their time in nature for self-reflection. Maybe they’re thinking about their childhood while sitting on a dock. Perhaps they’re turning their marriage over and over while walking a trail. Or possibly … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #43

Write a scene in which a character loses their dignity. Maybe a member of royalty trips and falls during a royal procession. Perhaps a prim and proper person is caught in a compromising position in a public restroom. Or possibly a graduate rubs the balding head of his assistant principal as he crosses the threshhold … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #42

Write about a character or characters who are searching for someone. Perhaps a young man is scanning the crowd at a club, looking for his ex-girlfriend. Maybe a search party is wading through tall grass, hoping they find a little girl safe and sound. Or possibly a resident advisor is stalking the halls of a … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #41

Take a character in a story you’ve already written and write a story about them that takes place exactly one year prior. This exercise should help you get to know your character a little better. This new story doesn’t have to be related to your already-existing story whatsoever, other than the character(s) who appear in … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #40

Write a story about a character who finally accomplishes a tremendous goal… only to discover they have a glaring setback requiring them to do a little more work and the clock is ticking. Maybe they’re a runner who miscalculated how many laps they’ve finished in a race. Perhaps they’re in a weight-loss competition and discover … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #39

Write about a character who helps a stranger. Keep said character’s emotion at the center of the piece, meaning, what you write should center more on how the character feels about helping this stranger than what they’re actually doing. Give this exercise fifteen minutes of your time. If you’re feeling extra creative this morning, take … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #38

Christian or not, Christmas is nigh-escapable this time of year in America, so just go with me on this one… Choose one aspect of Christmas you feel is absolutely essential. Now, write a story about set in the Christmas Future in which that one aspect is no longer present. Maybe tales of Santa Claus have … Continue reading

Your Monday Prompt #37

Write a story in which the main character is in a strong place of hope and warmth, only to slowly realize a great personal fear thought long-gone is beginning to creep its way back into their life. Maybe a young woman is at the park with her son only to spy her abusive ex-husband watching … Continue reading