Your Monday Prompt #36

Write about a character witnessing or participating in something which reminds them of a similar moment in their childhood. Let the present action inspire the character’s emotional response as they remember a time past, and discover how that emotion effects how they perceive the present action. This tale could really weave itself like a French … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #35

Dust off one of your old prose stories and turn it into a poem. Maybe you have a short story you can adapt into something structured more in verse and metaphor. Perhaps you can take a character and put their life into a poetic nutshell. Here’s a way to get inspired: listen to poet Gwendolyn … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #34

Write 1,666 words today. That’s how many words one needs to write per day for thirty days to hit the goal of 50,000 words during National Novel Writing Month, or “NaNoWriMo.” I don’t care what your 1,666 words are about and neither should you. Instead, just keep writing and writing. Write it up, and keep … Read more

Your Writing Prompt #29

Write about a character’s experience involving technology. Maybe they remember the world before it seemed like most everyone carried an iPod or a cell phone. Perhaps they our having their first experience using a computer or figuring out how to program the family VCR or DVD player. Or maybe they’re taking their first online college … Read more

Your Monday Prompt #27

Write a story that takes place in the future. It could be five minutes from now or five-hundred years from now. Make your vision of the future unique; try to avoid all the different futures you’ve seen in TV and the movies. Perhaps go a subtle route – everything’s the same except we now have … Read more