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My Kind of Nerds.

My Kind of Nerds.

I’m a nerd. Nerds are awesome. These people are my kind of nerds: Ukulele Nerds! Star Wars Nerds! Methodist Nerds! Art Nerds! Simpsons Nerds! So here’s to the nerds: not everyone will get you, but the right people will get you! Who are your kind of nerds? -nm P.S. To those persons in the Flickr … Continue reading

Michele Norris wrote a new memoir

The only thing I want more than to read Michele Norris’s new book, The Grace of Silence, is a few hours freedom to actually sit and read it. Norris relates stories of her own family’s experience to the overall backdrop of race relations in the United States, both then and now. Specifically, Norris examines how … Continue reading

Focus on the story, not getting published

If you’re a young writer and you’re not reading Steven Pressfield‘s blog, particular on Wednesdays for his regular “Writing Wednesdays” segment, you’re doing your art a great disservice. He’s got plenty for we who are trying to improve our writing each week and it’s worth your time. A couple weeks ago, Steven wrote a post … Continue reading

How to fail at reading

The number one way to fail at reading is to fall out of practice. That’s the number one way to fail at anything, by the way. Ever give up on a sport? A diet? A relationship? Knitting? Writing? Blogging? Not everything is like riding a bike. Sometimes one can lose many of the skills they … Continue reading