The Youth Room – “Christmas”

Our new satire of The Office is available. Catch The Youth Room: Christmas Special at YouTube or watch the below video. I highly recommend watching it in “high quality” to catch detail. [youtube=] This is the third episode of The Youth Room that the Youth Forum has made and our fifth short film overall in … Read more

“Second comes right after first.”

Hopefully, Buzz Aldrin’s words to Homer Simpson will help us feel a little better. The latest episode of “The Youth Room,” our video parody series of “The Office,” didn’t win the grand prize at but we’re in the running for second place. Joshua’s readers are voting for who walks away with the next prize … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #19

Joshua Griffin, the Senior High Pastor at Saddleback Church in sunny California, is running a contest this month at his blog, MoreThanDodgeball. I read Josh’s blog from time to time for ideas and philosophy on working with youth in a faith-based environment and when I saw a contest in which a youth group could potentially … Read more