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Caught My Eye #1

Caught My Eye #1

Here’s this week’s list of five items that caught my eye. I hope one or more catch yours, too: 1. Brooklyn-based band Body Language released a new EP,¬†Grammar, and the download is absolutely free. I saw them open for Zero 7 back in 2009 and was very impressed. Can’t get their player to embed, sorry, … Continue reading

My Five Favorite Blog Posts of 2009

I didn’t blog that much this year. Of the blog writing I did do, here are five entries I feel are worth your time: Elmore Leonard Answers My Questions Elmore Leonard is one of my top three favorite writers and the opportunity to correspond with him via Barnes & Noble’s message boards was one of … Continue reading

I saw Zero 7 in concert.

Let me say upfront that it doesn’t really matter to me how people discover something they enjoy and that includes the bandwagon. If someone got into a band because they heard one of their songs in a commercial, good. And that’s not the band selling out, that’s the band gaining exposure and more audience. This … Continue reading