TWoNF – Favorite authors

“The Week of New Features” continues with the introduction of favorite authors. If you’ve taken the chance to read several of a particular author’s stories, it may be time to make her a favorite author. It’s simple to do, just [visit her bookshelf]( page and click “Favorite this author” in the sidebar:

Just like [story favorites](, you can always click the “x” next to “Favorite author” if you ever change your mind:

Naturally, [an author has fans]( Visiting the bookshelves of other fans is another great way to uncover interesting stories at Scrawlers.

Revisiting your favorite authors is as easy as visiting your own bookshelf:

**Note**: Author favoriting requires that you [sign up]( or [login]( to Scrawlers.

If you have any comments on this new feature, please [email us](

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