TWoNF – Twitter publicity

For one week only, Scrawlers presents “The Week of New Features.” The past few weeks have seen a some fun and useful features hit the Scrawlers universe, and I’d like to quickly highlight each of these.

#### Twitter – caffeinated communication

At no cost to you, we have begun notifying the [Twitter]( universe of any and all new stories written at Scrawlers. For the uninitiated, Twitter is politely referred to as a micro-blogging service. When one posts to Twitter one is typically answering the question “What are you doing?” When someone submits a new story to Scrawlers, Scrawlers is telling Twitter about it. That’s what Scrawlers is doing, thank you very much.

And did I mention Twitter only allows 140 characters in which to make this update? Sounds familiar, no?

Any Twitter user following Scrawlers will receive notification of a new story. This means web browsers, instant message clients, and cell phones across the world will buzz with a link to your latest creation. Not bad!

Visit []( to see it in action:

We’re also announcing new blog entries through Twitter. When a new post hits [The Scrawl](, Twitter followers will know about it shortly. Of course, you can always [subscribe to the blog via the news feed]( as well.


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