We have our first winner!

The War of Art Contest, our first contest at Scrawlers.com, is over and we have our winner – Barbara Torris. Her story, Forgotten Magic, was randomly drawn from all contest entires and earned Barbara a free copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Congratulations, Barbara! You can read Barbara’s Scrawlers stories here or check out her blog, TorrisTravels.

You can learn more about The War of Art in Your Friday Recommendation #11 from a few weeks back. The contest has inspired me to re-read this inspirational read, and I’m also listening to Pressfield’s fiction novel, The Legend of Bagger Vance, on audio tape during my commuting time.

Barry and I are eager to try out more contests at Scrawlers, offering prizes like The War of Art meant to help inspire young writers to find their muse. I know we’d like to see more participation in future contests, because we think it’s a measure of writer use of the website (as well as writer interest). What can you do, dear reader? Let us know what kind of contests would peak your interest enough to enter and of course, keep writing!


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