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I love officiating weddings.
The excitement of the moment, the commitment of the couple.
The ritual of the ceremony, the hope of friends and family.
The laughter of celebration, the tears of joy.
And the fun of a little extravagance.

Choosing to covenant with one another – to make a sacred promise – is one of the greatest commitments a person can make. Gathering together to witness the solemn commitment two people make for one another is an uplifting experience. And officiating the experience brings me great joy in the midst of your great joy.

I would love to officiate your wedding!

Amber, Bride at the first wedding I officiated

"How many wedding ceremonies do you actually remember? We're lucky enough that we still have people 5+ years later tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding ceremony. Not the reception, not the DJ, not the venue. Our actual ceremony. And the reason why was almost exclusively because of Nate.

"During planning we didn’t really have many ideas for the ceremony, but he listened to us, gave us ideas, and helped incorporate what we wanted without pushing any agenda. The day was so much easier knowing that he was in charge of things. It was so much fun working with Nate. He is one of the funniest people I’ve known and also one of the kindest. I can’t imagine a better person on your side as you and your significant other embark on the craziness that can be planning a wedding."

Katie & Kevin, married during pandemic
in 2020 with a physically-distanced wedding

"We got married during the crazy year of 2020. Pastor Nate provided us great comfort by being so flexible as our wedding plans continued to change. We really appreciate his continued support. We could not have asked for a better person than Pastor Nate to preside over our wedding day.

"But that is not the main reason why we highly recommend him. Pastor Nate not only makes your wedding day one you will never forget, but he genuinely cares that your marriage will be successful. He took the time to go through the key issues that marriages deal with, and through the planning process, helped us form the great foundation for our marriage."

Erika, Bride at wedding we planned in under two months!

"When we decided to get married, we knew we wanted a small, simple, outdoor ceremony and we wanted to get married before the end of the summer. When we contacted Pastor Nate he was accommodating of our tight timeline and greatly exceeded our expectations. He helped equip us with strategies for a supportive lifetime partnership and officiated a beautiful ceremony highlighting our love and lifetime commitment.

Given all the stress leading up to the ceremony, it was really refreshing to be able to talk to someone who knew both of us equally well, and who did not apply a 'one-size-fits-all' approach when it came to advice on communication and problem solving within a marriage. I am so glad Pastor Nate agreed to officiate our wedding and highly recommend him to other couples planning to get married."

Evan, Groom

"From the start, Nate’s warm and open character made us both feel comfortable and at ease as we began the discussion of our relationship in our premarital classes. Though the thought of two hour sessions of premarital education seemed daunting at first, I looked forward to each session."

I am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and have performed over a dozen weddings with more scheduled this year. For each of those couples, we also had a series of premarital conversations leading up to the wedding, too. We use the Prepare/Enrich Inventory and other conversation pieces to dig into your relationship for mutual conversation about your strength and growth areas. No couple is perfect, and all couples benefit from doing the hard work of, well, being a couple. 

Of all of your wedding vendors, I’m the one who will work with you not just to prepare for “the big day,” but to prepare for all the days that follow it!

Why include premarital conversations as part of your wedding planning? One, Minnesotans, you get a price break on your marriage license! And for everyone: because your wedding is just the first day. Your marriage is all the days that follow it.

Is your friend or family member officiating the wedding? Do you want to have premarital conversations… yet not with your mother the pastor? Yeah, none of us want that! That’s why I’ve also done premarital conversations with several couples who have someone else as their officiant. These are couple who understood the value of those crucial discussions before the big day.

Julie, Mother of the Bride

"Nate has a remarkable ministry. As the officiant for our son’s wedding, Nate expertly interwove the sacred with the celebratory. With sincerity, wit and humor, Nate gave a very personal and insightful message that highlighted the Bride and Groom and warmly included the community of friends and family gathered to celebrate. He is the best of the best!"

Ali, Bride

"Pastor Nate put such a personalized touch that I can’t even count how many people came to us after the ceremony to tell us it was one of the most special and memorable weddings they had been to. I feel like he truly cared about the success and love of our relationship while going through the process. He truly made our day so special and specific to us. I appreciate all Nate has done to help us along our journey of marriage."

Joey, Groom

"Nate made us feel right at ease from the moment we came into his office and I feel the whole process brought us closer together. My favorite part was the personal touches he added into our wedding ceremony with the letters we wrote to each other."

Brooke, Bride

"Every single moment of our ceremony was unique and tailored to fit my husband and I perfectly. Nate’s sermon was the highlight of the entire ceremony. After the ceremony, our parents and my husband and I were approached by multiple guests who told us they were so impressed and Nate. How many weddings have you gone to where the guests talk about how remarkable the officiant is?"



It’s an absolute joy to officiate weddings. I love getting to know couples through premarital conversations, a great wedding day, and sometimes couples even return to me when their child is born for a baptism or to pass my name along to another couple looking for an officiant. It’s always fun getting to see the photos! And as you can see, we have a lot of fun!

The wedding ceremonies I officiate are personal, fun, and memorable.

Friends, here’s the truth:
Weddings are amazing. Marriages are amazing.
Let me be part of your amazing wedding.
Let’s prepare for your amazing marriage.

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