We’re back! And more to come on this blog soon.

We’re back, safe and sound, and while I haven’t posted about Friday’s travels yet (I got plenty of sleep last night!), I want to leave a quick note about what to expect on this blog over the next few days:

  • A post about El Salvador Day 09.
  • Photos added to Days 05-09.
  • What it’s like to be back in the US after experiencing the marginalized and grossly underprivileged.
  • Small tweaks to posts made by me to add more details.
  • Comments posted by others who went on the trip, lending their own stories, memories, and emotional takes on our travels.
  • Posts about post-trip reading from a post-trip perspective.
  • Information about our upcoming auction/fundraiser.
  • The winner of our Globalization contest.
  • And when that’s all over, it’s time for posts about the upcoming Chiapas trip.

So sit tight, dear reader, and stay tuned. I’ll have plenty of new writing and photos for you soon.


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