You Have No Friends Online.

2013.01.26 You Have No Friends Online 01
Thank you, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer screen, for letting more know. And in such a caring manner! You’re so caring that, in a way, you’re my friend!
You know how to give people bad news. You should be a doctor.
Level with me: is it because I nabbed their dog tags and they don’t like me any more?
2013.01.26 You Have No Friends Online 02
I’ve only been gaming on a Playstation 3 for two years so perhaps this is more of a phenomena than an anomaly for people. But for me, it’s the first time I can ever recall that none of the 50+ people I am friends with on the Playstation Network weren’t online. And I gotta tell ya, it was interesting how quickly the above screen on BFBC2 made the situation go from weird to sad.
Hasn’t happen since, though. So far…

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