Your Friday Recommendation #23

I can’t believe I’ve been a Beck fan for ten years and this will be my first time seeing him live.

I’m not the world’s biggest concert fan, but every once in a while an artist I really enjoy comes to town and all the things I hate about concerts – the pushy crowds, the hazy smoke, the unidentifiable smells, how I’m buying a ticket for a seat which I won’t get to use because everyone in front of me is standing so then I have to stand – all of that melts away. I’m too thrilled by the prospect of “sharing” an evening with a great artist, and impressing everyone around me with my well-tuned sing-a-long skills* during the show. I wonder if one can gain a better insight into an artist by seeing them perform live. The show is Tuesday night so I’ll post some follow-up next week.

Gearing up for the Beck concert sees me listening to his latest record, a collection of music that’s held my attention since it came out this summer. Today’s recommendation is Beck’s eight studio album, Modern Guilt.

And lucky me, someone worked out the chords to the record’s lead-off song, “Orphans,” online so I can pluck it out on the ukulele. There are places where the rhythm of playing notes and singing the lyrics don’t necessarily match up which is difficult for me to overcome but I’m trying. Someday I’ll learn enough sharp note chords to play one of my favorite Beck songs, “Pressure Zone,” from the record Midnight Vultures.

Give the record a listen, and I’ll update you on the concert next week.


* Well-tuned sing-a-long skills may not actually be well-tuned nor skillful.

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