Your Friday Recommendation #35

If you’re in Minneapolis this weekend, check out the photography exhibit at  by Farm Kid Studios founder, Brandon Stengel.

The exhibit appears with dozens of other artists at the 2009 Northeast Art-A-Whirl gallery opening in room 107 of the Casket Arts Building all this weekend, May 15-17 (Friday 5:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm). Stengel’s photography focuses on rural America through an artist’s eye and invites viewers to look at the people and land of greater Minnesota and the Dakotas with a fresh perspective. The crown jewel of the exhibit is his Rock Island Swing Bridge photograph, which received the “Best in Show” prize in the Dakota County Historical Society photo exhibition.  You can read his interview in the MN Sun here.

For as long as I’ve known Brandon, he’s been a nut for photography. His hobby perpetuated throughout his college years to become an extension of his work as an architect, using his artistic perspective to compliment his professional career. As one who grew up in rural Minnesota, I appreciate the way Brandon has given attention to the small town and farming lifestyle of the Midwest. His photographs lends a dynamic tone to the objects and land that many “city folk” find boring, a mere drudgery of endless prairie to be passed through as soon as possible on their way to the next city. I think that this could be a great bridge in that gap between those who embrace rural living with those who only know a metro-area lifestyle; Brandon’s art is not so easily dismissed. He also has dance moves. Ask him to show you.

Of course, while you’re perusing this part of the Art-A-Whirl, you should also check out my sister’s band, The Idle Hands, who plays just around the corner from Brandon’s table in the Stephanie Colgan studios of the Casket Arts Building at 3:15pm. They’ve been getting some nice airtime on 89.3 The Current in recent months and are pretty rockin’ so be prepared for some toe-tapping, head-bopping tunes to go with your art.

This is your chance to drive through the city to get to the country. I’ll be at the exhibit on Saturday and I hope to see you there, dear reader.


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