Your Friday Recommendation #8

Today’s recommendation is to take a look at how you get news online and decide if you can streamline it any more than the system you currently use.

I used to check every morning for the news. Sometimes, I would listen to a streaming audio presentation from Minnesota Public Radio. That was the extent of how I used the internet for the news. Call me late to the bandwagon, but I had no idea what RSS feeds were or how they worked until last year. Now, I have “Really Simple Syndication” feeds for,, and, which has many text-based news stories besides its streaming audio. That may not seem like a big leap, and I know there are a lot more news sources out there, but I’m starting small, and frankly I’m just excited I understand how to use another piece of web 2.0 technology.

There’s also room for fun news, too. For example, my news tab also features feeds for WiiFanboy – a blog dedicated to Nintendo Wii-centric news and gossip, Ain’ – a news and rumor website for films and all things geeky, and – a (not-always-safe-for-work) blog lambasting celebrities for their latest “news” in the “infotainment” world.

Take a look at the way you read the news online. If you aren’t using RSS feeds yet, give it a shot. Information is being delivered faster than ever, so make sure you’re receiving it as fast as you can.


(this post was added retro-actively to assist continuity.)

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