Your Monday Prompt #25

Write about a character who is affected by the weather. Perhaps it makes them feel a certain way or remember a particular memory. The weather may possibly prevent or enable them to do an activity or job. Maybe the weather is extreme enough to impact their chances of survival, like something out of a Jack London story. This is an opportunity to explore setting and environment as boons to your story and link them directly to your character. You may try placing a character you’ve already worked with into a weather-related environment and see how they react.

Please give this exercise fifteen minutes of your time. Write it up and see what happens.


1 thought on “Your Monday Prompt #25”

  1. Nathan, I just wanted to let you know that the book was waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday. Thank you so much. I will read this evening.

    Note: Blue skies in Tucson when we left a week ago. Temperature about 90 degrees. Cloudy in Hillsboro, Oregon when we arrive yesterday. Temperature about 58 degrees. I am working on how that makes me feel. I am thinking not so good but then I could be wrong.

    Hope the short story critique for the writing workshop went well. I am hoping to do something of that sort myself one day soon.



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