Your Monday Prompt #26

Like Odysseus from the sea, so too does Your Monday Prompt return to The Scrawl after a long and weary absence. I would love to hear from readers who have been using the YMP on a regular basis in the comments section and, for new readers, you can search for “your monday prompt #” in the blog’s search bar and discover past prompts to get your creative juices flowing. As for today, let’s stay with that “we’re back” theme…

Write about a character who’s making a fresh start. Aim to balance what’s going on in the scene with the character’s inner thoughts about their situation. Maybe he’s coming back to town after years away. Perhaps she’s on the first day of a new job that actually makes use of her college degree. It could be a much-needed break-up, a surprising new romance, or finally hitting that treadmill they bought two years ago. Whatever the situation your character finds himself or herself in, don’t let the situation overshadow how well you know your character. In fact, I encourage you to start with writing about your character. Their situation will come out of who they tell you they are and why they need a fresh start. Give this exercise fifteen minutes of your time.

Write it up and see what happens.


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