I’m Nate Melcher and welcome to (It’s named after me.)

I’m a creative innovator and clergyperson based in Minneapolis, MN with a love for good books, fun improv, and great big questions in the life mosaic.

To me, life is a mosaic. Bits and pieces assembled together to make life. Some of the pieces are broken and worn, others are shiny and new. A few have been removed over time while others that were missing have been returned. And always, there’s room for more. May we each find our many methods in the life mosaic and just keep growing.

My mission is simple: bring people and ideas together, share strategic energy, and press the play button! I preach, teach, and write about the intersection of faith and living, facilitate improv workshops to (re)build innovative teams, journey with couples as they enter marriage, and work with people to boost their confidence and creativity. For me, it’s all about building bridges of hope and energy with all who I encounter because for me, the Story has made my life better.

If that sounds like what you need, let’s be in touch.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

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Thank You!
This is a labor of love and I appreciate your interest, your readership, and your support. If I provide you meaningful content, I encourage you to let me know and to stay connected with your subscription, shares, and interactions. Thank you for being here and I hope to hear from you.

Rev. Nate Melcher

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