Rev. Nate Melcher at Preachers Grove in Itasca State Park just north of Park Rapids, MN.

I’m a husband, father, and clergyperson in Minneapolis, MN. I go on adventures with my spouse, make up songs and dances with our children, write in the morning, read audio books in the car, play the ukulele ‘round the campfire, try new recipes with the Instant Pot, save the universe on PlayStation, go geocaching across the nation, drink a good light roast, am always up for a plate of spicy pad thai, read Stephen King’s On Writing every August, and have Raiders of the Lost Ark memorized, sound effects and all. I’m your Star Wars guy. 

My Location:

I’m a cisgender, straight, able-bodied man (he/him). I’m in my early 40s, progressive, Christian, white with Chinese heritage, and a natural-born citizen of the United States. This is the social location from which I read, write, think, pray, play, act, and wonder.

I’ve been a United Methodist pastor since 2014 and worked in ministry since 2005. I worked for 8 years in higher education as English faculty and in residential life. I’ve performed in a dozen comedy festivals and coached improv teams for 7 years. I hold a Film Studies BA, Creative Writing MFA, and M.Div. Read and subscribe to R-Rated Movie Club, my newsletter about movies and theology. My preaching was recently featured by Sojourners. I lead improv teambuilder workshops, write articles, do consulting, officate weddings, and guest preach. I also make the best cream cheese wontons on the planet. 

Rev. Nate Melcher on the night of his ordination.

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